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Sim-to-Funded Business

Tradovate Technologies offers a complete end-to-end solution for sim-to-funded trading businesses. These specialized features include the critical account customization, risk rules and permissions necessary to scale your business. With the growth in futures trading, the demand for futures education resources and practice trading has expanded.

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Tradovate Sim-to-Funded solutions include:

White label the tools needed to protect and grow your brand

Ability to set up and manage users via the Tradovate API

  • Create Users

  • Create New Account Templates

  • Manage Risk Setting Per Account

  • Permission Accounts to User

  • Manage Memberships

  • Create User Templates for Replication

  • Manage Market Data

Set advanced risk rules for each trader

  • Daily Loss Limit

  • Weekly Loss Limit

  • Max Position Size

  • Max Trailing Drawdown

  • Time of Day Restrictions

  • Permitted Contracts to Trade

Automate the process of allocating funds to successful traders and adjusting risk levels

Monitor account performance with a real-time account information dashboard

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