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Prop Firms

Tradovate Technologies provides proprietary trading firms the tools necessary to manage traders and monitor risk. The Tradovate Technologies Prop Firm solution enables firms to setup master accounts, create unique risk rules, monitor and control all traders via the Tradovate Risk Manager software.


Tradovate Prop Firm benefits

Master account controls with a detailed view for all trader sub-accounts

Complete risk view and monitoring for master and sub-accounts

Ability to set advanced risk rules for each sub-account including:

Allocate funds or margin to traders and sub-accounts from the master account

Real-Time Performance Dashboard

Daily CSV fill files generated and can be exported for analyzing trader activity

  • Daily Loss Limit

  • Weekly Loss Limit

  • Max Position Size

  • Max Trailing Drawdown

  • Time of Day Restrictions

  • Permitted Contracts to Trade

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